Clive Sutton - Franchise Review from London, London


Clive Sutton wanted to franchise himself at my business by selling cars on the front while I carried on repairing cars for my customers. Two months after he got me to prepare everything for him and getting me to repair and restore some of his cars he vanished.

Not replying to my calls and emails and having not paid bills of over 10k to me and getting me to mess around with his franchising BS I had to take it to court where he claimed I has never given him invoices but had given him an estimate of £110 which turned out to be an edited version of my estimate where he had changed the price.

I ended up not getting paid a penny and know of three other people he has done it to and heard rumours of more. Biggest scam artist going when he gets too much in debt he liquidates business and starts new one.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Clive Sutton - Very bad auto dealer and slow to pay his bills.

Not resolved

I bought a vehicle and he told me the vehicle would take about 1 week to be delivered to my transportation facility less than 50 kilometers away. It was never delivered!

I have to date not received a refund and know of at least four other companies in a similar situation. The vehicle which I purchased from him he assured me he had secured it immediately and a few days later that " it was in his warehouse" This car was never going to have been delivered to me, and for over two weeks Clive mislead me into believing I was still going to receive this vehicle

Reason of review: car never turned up.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Clive Sutton in Bangkok, Krung Thep - Withheld my refund


Clive sutton Ltd agreed to sell me cars for export. We had an agreement that Clive Sutton will export the cars for me and then reclaim the VAT from Inland revenue.

When the VAT is refunded, they will give me the whole VAT back. Clive Sutton have now recieved the VAT from inland revenue, but would not give me back my VATI have tried to contact them for years and now I have to get legal help to try and get my money from them.

I have spend all my money in trying to make a business in exporting cars. Now i havent got enough money to get proper legal action against Clive Sutton

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